Our Mission

At Advantage Investment Management we  strive to assist our clients achieve their financial goals, through trusted expert advice delivered through a thoughtful plan. We use our experience, resources, and personalized attention to enhance our clients’ financial success and help protect against unforeseen challenges.

Here at AIM, we help our clients take care of their money. Specifically, we work with individuals and families on planning for retirement, saving for college, managing investments, financial planning, estate planning, and seeking ways to decrease their current and future tax burden. We also work with businesses to provide retirement plans and other benefits for employees as well as corporate wealth management services.

What makes AIM different? 

Experience – Our advisors have many years of service in the financial industry; they are licensed by various regulatory authorities and certified by organizations that train and test their knowledge. Each has chosen to further their knowledge and skills sets to better serve you, as one of our clients.  

Professional Responsibility and Integrity – Since 2005, AIM has been a Registered Investment Advisor which entails a legal obligation to provide every client with suitable investment advice. Further, it means we have a fundamental duty to always act in each of our client’s best interests.

Impartiality – Our independent affiliation enables us to employ a broad array of financial tools as we work with you to build a strong, specialized investment strategy. Unlike other firms, we are able to prioritize your hopes and needs above everything else.