Financial Planning

A financial plan is not simply a grand plan for the wealthy. Rather, a financial plan is a useful tool for everyone.

We work with clients in every financial position, because we believe that a well considered economic plan can benefit you, no matter your financial history or present. This kind of plan is simply a tool that helps you organize each financial decision into a coherent, self-reinforcing strategy. 

Financial planning allows you to see where you are now and subsequently set a plan for what you want your future to look like. It is essential that you understand your current financial situation to help chart the appropriate course toward your financial goals.

Your current financial position is a key factor in planning for tomorrow. In the financial planning process we will examine statements of investments, bank accounts, insurance records, real property inventories, and other pertinent information to gain as complete a picture as possible of a person or family's financial situation.

​Some Topics Covered In The Financial Planning Process Are:

  • Checking progress toward financial goals 
  • Estimating retirement income potential 
  • Planning for changes in assets or liabilities 
  • Estimating how well dependent survivors would be able to live on their inheritance
  • Charting financial progress over a year or multiple years

Financial plans are done on a fee basis, which is determined by the scope of the plan desired by the client.