Protecting Income

Personal insurance planning at AIM focuses on how to develop a clear, unique strategy to protect your short and long-term financial goals. No one wants to consider how an accident or illness might disrupt their family’s financial stability. At AIM, we help ease this difficulty by providing information about what happens financially when something like this occurs. Many people assume that personal insurance is only about providing some temporary relief after a tragic event. But finding the right insurance package is not only about providing a parachute for a family in a crisis, it is also about understanding how to protect these hard-earned assets from unnecessary taxes placed on estates that change hands.

​Life Insurance

Life insurance should ensure that when a death occurs in a family, there is sufficient income and capital to cover the cash-flow needs for the surviving family members over a determined period of time. A major reason for younger adults to have life insurance is to provide financial protection for dependent families and children.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance pays benefits when someone is unable to earn a living because of a disabling injury or illness. This protection can be designed to cover more than a complete disability or something that prohibits you from working forever. Many policies can cover partial benefits, and there are even options that can insure your income for a limited time if you must care for a close family member.  

Long Term Care Insurance 

Long term care insurance is designed to protect your assets from unnecessary depletion should you require assisted living or nursing home care.