“We’ve been working with Don for ten years and appreciate his deep knowledge of market trends and investment options. He listens well and understands our tolerance for risk, our investment and retirement goals, and our preference for value-based investing. We have watched our investments grow and feel well-positioned for the future thanks in a great part to his guidance.”

- Kathy

“Some 30 + years ago when Don and I were much younger, he was recruiting clients and I was a teacher at a local parochial school. In a conversation, I realized we shared many of the same values, namely, family, church and our world. He convinced me that I could invest a small sum of money from my small parochial school salary each month and I could have an investment to help with retirement. Over the years, we have continued to meet and discuss my paltry amounts in the same manner, I would think, he did with those who invested a lot more money. I have appreciated his friendship and advice and also his knowledge of the market to get me to the point where I can have money to supplement my social security. What started out with $200/month thirty years ago has come to mean a whole lot more for a former parochial school teacher.”

- Cecile

“AIM doesn't manage my retirement funds for me, Don and the AIM Team manage my retirement funds WITH me, They listen with a discerning ear, offer advice in areas I don't think about and handle my requests efficiently. I don't panic when financial storms threaten, because AIM has put a solid foundation under my nest egg.”

- Lynn

“Don Garton has the ability to communicate complex investment situations to anyone and I recommend him to all of my clients especially couples where one spouse is not as investment savvy because I know that Don and the staff at Advantage Investment Management will help them both understand how to achieve their financial goals.”

- Gavin

“I have worked with Advantage Investment Management for more than 20 years, and have felt confident that my investments have been handled with professionalism and expertise. Don has been a good listener, and has been always been respectful of my comfort level with risk. He has given me solid advice and encouragement, and has patiently helped educate me on financial matters that are often a blur to me. I have recently entered retirement, and feel more secure knowing that Advantage Investment Management is helping me make this important transition”

- Judi

“Don Garton and team have been managing our investments/retirement accounts for over a decade now. They are quick to respond when we have a question, need to make a trade or do a withdrawal. In addition, even though we are in the Northern Ky area and their office is in Louisville, they make themselves available to review our business in person or virtually as often as wanted/needed. Don is a dependable, trustworthy advisor that I trust with my finances and often recommend him to family and friends.”

- Sandy